Case SRB01: 18000 euro granted by civil court but decision not executed

cases compensation granted but not executedIn 2002, an 18 years old man from Serbia with a severe physical disability was recruited by a neighbour to be severely exploited in forced begging in various Balkan countries. In 2007, he was identified as a victim of trafficking during a routine police check and was referred to the NGO ASTRA for assistance.

He received a wide range of support services, including legal assistance and representation. He took part in criminal proceedings as an injured party and submitted a claim for compensation. The court convicted the traffickers of human trafficking and referred the man for compensation to a civil court.

Following the end of the criminal case, the NGO lawyer continued assisting him in seeking compensation in civil proceedings and submitted a claim in 2011. The Court granted compensation of 18,000 Euro in 2016; however the decision was not executed. The NGO provided support and legal representation to the man throughout the duration of the proceedings.