Get involved

Access to compensation means Justice for trafficked persons and recognizing their right to redress. It also means empowering trafficked persons to take their future in their own hands and reducing the risk of re-trafficking.

What can YOU do?

You can support the project consortium and the project by supporting by raising awareness for the need to adequate access to compensation in practice. You can share Justice at Last via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter #justiceatlast

You can tell your friends and family about labour exploitation and human trafficking occurring in Europe, including your own country and the need for adequate pay and compensation for damages and unpaid wages

You can support campaigns that target brands exposed for human rights abuses and or become member of a trade union.

You can become a more conscious consumer. Ask about the origins of products, look for information and signs of unfair labour. Do not think that just because a product says it’s ‘made in Europe’, no exploitation has taken place.

You can check how people are recruited for the services you use. For example, who does your housework, who is your nanny? Are her/his rights respected? Does she/he receive decent wages and have proper job protection?

What should governments do?
Legal professionals
Investigative and specialist police
Social workers

What needs to be changed?

Victims should receive information on their legal rights including on how to claim compensation in a language and manner that they understand, while taking into account limited trust and possible other urgent concerns at first contact;

Victims and vulnerable groups should be informed about the possibility to report the crime in an EU country other than where the crime occurred;

All trafficked and exploited persons should be able to safely report the crime, without fear for detention and deportation;

Victims of trafficking and exploited workers should be provided with legal aid and representation for the whole duration of criminal, civil and/or administrative proceedings, including pre- and post-trial: from first interview through trial and eventual execution of the award.

Investigation into mediation for compensation for other forms of exploitation must be further investigated