Commission Announces New Victims’ Rights Strategy

The Commission announced on February 22, 2020, in light of the European Day for Victims of Crime, a new Commission strategy for victim’s rights (2020-2024) to be published by summer 2020.

According to the Commission’s statement, 75 million people fall victim to crime every year across Europe.

The new victims’ rights strategy will:

  • Empower victims;
  • Strengthen cooperation and coordination between national authorities;
  • Improve protection and support to victims;
  • Facilitate access to compensation.

Support and protection of victims is currently ensured by the EU through the Victims’ Rights Directive (2012/29/EU), sector-specific regulations (e.g., protection of victims of human trafficking, child sexual abuse/child pornography, and terrorism), and a legal scheme that facilitates access to compensation in situations where the crime was committed in an EU country other than the victim’s country of residence.

We welcome the Commission’s statement and underline the importance of ensuring access to compensation to persons.

The project Justice at Last promotes European action for compensation for victims of crime aims to enhance access to compensation for trafficked persons and victims of related crimes. For victims of crime, the right to compensation is recognised and well established in EU legislation. Nevertheless, many barriers remain that prevent these victims from actually accessing this right.