Training for access to compensation by LSI members

From November 25 to 27, legal practitioners from Peru took part in an online training on guaranteeing adequate compensation claims through civil procedures for victims of trafficking. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) organised the training and 63 Judges, 22 prosecutors and 9 public defenders participated. This included senior officials of the Judicial Power and the Public Ministry of Peru. The event was carried out within the framework of the Cooperation Alliance for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (CPC) signed by the government of the United States and Peru.

The training provided information and tools for legal professionals to allow them to identify and determine the different types of civil reparation tools available to a person who is a victim of this crime. Alba Alonso, SICAR cat lawyer, represented both Proyecto ESPERANZA and SICAR cat at the training. She provided an analysis of the avenues available to claim compensation via legal procedures in Spain including the steps to ensure a successful claim and spoke on the need for the coordination of actors. She stressed the importance that compensation takes into the account the victim’s situation before the human rights’ violations took place and that compensation includes both repair of material damages but also costs for legal assistance or medical services, as well as loss of income etc. She also highlighted the remaining obstacles, recommendations as well as good practices at the European level, referring to La Strada International’s project Justice at Last – in which SICAR CAT and Proyecto Esperanza participated as members of La Strada International.

For the Spanish article see here.