State compensation fund

In some European countries, it is possible for a trafficked person to apply to the state compensation fund. Such funds are generally limited to persons who have been victims of a violent crime and have suffered injuries as a result.

The amount of compensation a victim may be awarded through a state compensation fund can vary widely from country to country.

In some countries, moral damages may not be covered by the award, whereas in other countries a significant amount of money may be paid for the victims loss of opportunity.

Although several countries have special compensation funds in place some of the funds are limited and/or conditional. Claims through a compensation fund genrerally are much lower than in court cases.

An advantage is that no long court procedure is needed, the perpetrator does not have to be convicted and the payment is generally prompt and guaranteed, as it is made by the state. A disadvantage is that the trafficker doesn’t pay and not all the damages are compensated.